World Famous Barber Jon’s

I love to highlight social media friends of mine that I notice operate with high integrity. Barber Jon’s is one of those establishments.

Barber Jon first opened the World Famous Barber Shop in 1995 with a vision for more than just cutting people’s hair. He wanted to create a gathering place for the community where everyone is welcome, and when they leave, they can’t wait to come back. World Famous Barber Jon’s is a place where you hear your name called when you come through the door. Parents wouldn’t dream of taking their kids elsewhere.

They offer the highest quality barber services, including a haircut, shave or beard trim at an affordable price.

I have to admit the shave experience sounds heavenly even as a female! My Dad who was in the Marines like Barber Jon says there is nothing like a shave such as this. It’s almost a lost art.

Our Shave Process:

Apply gentle cleanser

Hot towel to open your pores

Apply pre-shave oil

Apply warm shave cream

First pass shave with the the grain of your beard

Gently remove residual shave cream and apply second hot towel

Reapply warm shave cream and gently shave against the grain of your beard

Cold light scent infused towel to close your pores

Apply aftershave balm to smooth skin

You can get more details on all their services and learn more at their website:

They accept walk-ins as well as set appointments.

881 Embarcadero Dr, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

P: 916.939.0512

To your continued success Barber Jon!

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