Welcome to Love, Health and Woo!

My name is Michelle Sherlock and this blog will show parts of my life. My hope is that I will share value that will help you out in yours. I’m going to be ME.

Love… ❤️ Well where do we start on that? I think love is all encompassing and involves all aspects of our life. It solves and heals most things if we let it. Love will lead you down the right path while opening possibilities of all kind. It raises your vibration and makes you whole.

Health… I have been on this ever evolving journey and will share with you what I’ve learned and how you can begin to improve yours also. This will include many areas from living toxic free to leaving stress at the door.

Woo… This might be where some people are like what did she say? Welcome to my world of woo and wonderful. We are made up of energy and capable of so many things. My whole life has included experiences of miraculous and some would say strange things. Have you ever had Deja vu? Reiki? You might be familiar with those. I do God based energy work for people remotely. We carry blocks and limitations in all areas and it’s time to break free.

What do all these have in common…well besides me? 🙂

All of these will raise your vibration and leave you happier, healthier, and feeling loved. So I hope you will enjoy my posts and find something to help you or share with someone you know.

And of course you’ll also find the cute animal pics etc. as that is part of what I love. You just never know what you’ll find, especially if it makes you laugh! Life is meant to be fun 🙂

Love you ❤️