Marshall Sylver Gets Real About Upcoming Surgery

Yes we are not alone. As humans we have so many things that tie us together in our basic needs and wants. Though sometimes the world tries to divide us the truth is we are the same.

Thanks Marshall for this raw video and opening up about fears and thoughts of gratitude. We never know our time here so being grateful and in the moment is so important.

I have faith that your surgery will be successful and I know there are lots of people out there praying for you.

If anyone reading this needs prayer you can always reach out to me.

Love to everyone.

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3 Replies to “Marshall Sylver Gets Real About Upcoming Surgery”

  1. All the best to you Marshall. You have got this!!
    I was a Cardiac Surgery nurse for many years and know that you will be ok because you are otherwise healthy and have a very positive outlook. The positive outlook in itself is half the battle Just remember to listen to the nurses and Dr’s advise. Your body will require rest and healing afterwards. Please avoid negative stress as much as possible as that will slow the healing.
    My prayers to you. Bernie from Canada 🇨🇦 ❤️

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