How Do I Start A Blog?

Maybe you’ve wanted to have your own blog or website but weren’t sure where to get started. I just made this video show how easy it can be.

Not tech savvy? This blogging platform is super easy. Can you send an email? That’s all you need to do with the Blog This WOW platform.

You can do it all from your phone and the website is ready to go. I myself have gotten caught up in the past of choosing a theme, what widgets to use, plugins, and simply what content am I going to put on my blog.

This short video will explain more and there is also a highlighted link at the bottom of this post to do a free demo to see how it works.

This has made my blogging life so much easier!


Sent from my phone with Blog This WOW

2 Replies to “How Do I Start A Blog?”

  1. Corky here,, this is so cool,,, can you tell me how you recorded this ? guess on your phone, but how? thanks, Corky

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